Redtail Farms – Part 1, Spring

We are losing our small farms at a rapid rate on this planet. It’s integral to our environment, quality of food, and community that these farms exist.

This is part one of a four part series, telling our story and a different story about how your food can be produced. Can agriculture have a positive impact on our environment our health and our society?

Pastured meats can be the answer to a lot of these problems. Browse around our website to learn more, also our online store is up and running, we are taking orders!


1 thought on “Redtail Farms – Part 1, Spring

  1. Dear Kathy
    Juanita sent us the link to your web-site. It has been wonderful to catch up with what is happening in Castor, to you and the family. So many memories came flooding back both happy and sad, of the times we spent with you on the farm.It is wonderful to see Ian and Dana and their children on the farm carrying on the work which you and Richard started, and with the same passion. You must be so proud as I am sure Richard would have been.
    We were only telling Beckys boyfriend about the farm last week-end , of how we went out to see the bison in the truck, then the following day Tom and Peter going out with Richard to cull one in the same humane way that Ian still does it. We will send the web link to them as Mike is in farming – he dreams of a farm of his own but has to make do with working for others and rearing a few sheep . Maybe one day if he wins the lottery.
    Sending you I big virtual hug. – wish I could do it in person – and love to all the family. Sylvia and Tom xx

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