Offal & Organ Meat

From the Italian culinary term quinto quarto, the ‘fifth quarter’ refers to all offal taken through the butchering process, including the fat, bones, and organs. The ‘fifth quarter’ also refers back to the fact that these cuts account for roughly a quarter of the weight of a carcass. Thus, preparing offal honours all parts of the animal, and is essential to sustainably producing and eating meats.


We offer a wide range of organ meats that include the liver, heart, tongue, and oxtail. These cuts are some of the most nutrient dense and flavourful, and are increasingly recognized as the cornerstone to rich cuisine and a healthy diet.


Is there anything more nourishing and comforting than homemade broth, simmering on your stove-top? Make our marrow and beef bones the secret ingredient to your broths. Bones are also available as healthy chew treats for your dogs.


Praise the lard! Our grass-fed lard (rendered pig fat) and tallow (rendered beef fat) are nutrient dense and will take your cooking game and eating experience to the next level. Lard is a versatile fat that is sought out by top pastry chefs and cooks. Tallow is extremely versatile, recognized as one of the top oils for frying, but is also available for use in your bird feeders, soaps and homemade cosmetics. As our animals are raised outdoors and grass-fed both of these fats are clean and nutritious.

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What is a "fifth quarter"?

This old Italian term refers to the offal (innards and organ meat) of a cow. These cuts of meat weigh approximately a fifth of the weight of the carcass. In recent years, consumers have learned how delicious and nutritious the fifth quarter can be!

Who makes your sausages?

Our sausages are cut, processed and wrapped in-house. We use all fresh spices and don’t use any pre-mixes or additives.

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