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At Redtail Farms, we proudly offer grass fed and finished Alberta beef. Because we understand the relationship between farming and stewardship, we’ve built our business on sustainable practices that produce healthy, quality meat. That’s why we use regenerative agriculture techniques while raising our grass fed and finished beef and pastured pork.

In a sustainable system, nothing goes to waste. For this reason, you’ll find specialty meats such as bones, lard and tallow, and offal and organ meat for sale on our site. We also make our own natural sausages, beef jerky, and pepperoni. We even help you cook all this bounty with our recipes and resources!

Good eating shouldn’t come at the expense of the land. You can feed your family healthy, natural foods produced just down the road when you buy from Redtail Farms.

Our Story


We are committed to ensuring that the land is continually regenerated through the presence of our animals on the land. Using rotational and intensive grazing techniques we look to mimic the bison that so deeply defined the soils and ecology of our area. We believe that when enacted properly agriculture is an opportunity for ecological rejuvenation, and a sustainable future for generations to come.


Instilled into all our practices and products is a dedication towards our environment, community and future generations. This sense of responsibility guides our farming practices.

To slightly paraphrase an old adage, “We do not [only] inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”.


Food is not simply a means of sustenance, it is an opportunity for social and ecological connection. Through the production and distribution of our local, sustainable meats we hope to be the intermediaries between resilient ecological systems and healthy communities and families. When eating our products we hope that you experience this sense of connection and reciprocity.

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Ian Griebel | Dana Blume

Box 671 Castor AB, T0C0X0
(403) 430-0160

We are located 3km south of Castor, Alberta on Range Road 142, first farm on the west side of the road.

At the centre of our production model is the relationship we share with you, our customer. This is not mediated through a label or a tagline, but by connecting face-to-face.

We are dedicated to both transparency and reciprocity, and encourage you to come out and engage with our farm, getting a sense of the land, people and most importantly, the animals.

We host an annual field day and provide farm tours, so please send us a message to get added to our customer list.

We are always open to answer any of your questions, or discuss the best of sustainable agriculture. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.

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