Ground Beef

1.5 lbs Packages
10 Packages Minimum Order
100% Grass Fed

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Whether you’re making hamburgers or cooking up some chili, ground beef is one of our best sellers. Each of our eighth/quarter/half and whole packages include some ground beef but if you need more or just want some ground beef on it’s own, you can get it here!



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Luing cattle are a Scottish breed, and are the results of crossbreeding shorthorn with highland cattle. Luing cattle are an incredibly hardy breed, and prove to be well suited for our harsh, prairie winters. These adaptations are exhibited in their innate ability to forage and convert grass to fat, creating a beef that is succulent, marbled, and full of flavour. All Redtail cattle are raised on a rotational grazing system and are provided with a variety of perennial pasture. The beef is grass fed and finished, hormone and antibiotic free, and is butchered at 27-29 months to balance full beef flavour and tenderness. Orders are accepted year round but we don’t butcher until autumn. Customers will be contacted a week before delivery with pick up location and time.


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